Marijana Vidak

It is often simpler, cheaper and more efficient for small businesses to outsource services needed to start and manage those activities that are needed from time to time. This enables businesses to focus on their core business while developing their products and services and being efficient overall. Having a reliable partner, who happens to be an expert in their field means we can achieve agreed upon or even greater results in a shorter time period and at a lower cost.
The main advantage is that outsourcing specific services while maintaining regular communication, brainstorming and reports can lead to additional ideas and the development of new services. What is essential is that companies can focus their energy on growth and development, while at the same time, their partner adapts itself to the company needs and changes. This creates a positive symbiosis, which is good for everyone. Of course, outsourcing also avoids companies the burden of having to hire experts who are only needed from time to time, who often cost a lot of money and are hard to reach. In general, everything that is not their core business tends to waste valuable resources and time; time used on research and learning, and usually generates results which are nowhere close to those that experts would get. This affects the whole company as well as its core business.
As a small IT company, specialized in the performance and optimization of apps, we decided to work with Expert Product in the advertising of our product “Templater Library”. After having noticed that an increasing number of our clients is thrilled by the possibilities offered by Templater, we decided to make an official announcement and presentation and delegated communications to our trusted marketing specialist. Expert Product does all the work of planning marketing and other activities independently with continuous communication with us. So far, we have been very pleased with their work and we hope for a long and successful cooperation.

Marijana Vidak, director of Nova Generacija Softvera d.o.o. Zagreb