Sanja Balenović

One of the main mistakes new entrepreneurs make is trying to do everything by themselves because they want to cut costs (which is especially important in the begining when there is the least money) or because they can’t rely on others. Artisans do their own accounting, avoid getting professional legal or business advice, rely on the Internet, and on the experience of friends and neighbours, make their own safety regulations, learn how to make a simple web page and how to use Facebook. The consequence is that they have less and less time for whatever it is that made us go into business in the first place. We spend more and more time dealing with administration, technicalities, marketing, and all those things that we were never interested in. We loose our initial enthousiasm and energy and bit by bit our work becomes average or we even go out of business.
I believe all of us who venture into entrepreneurship have the talent and willpower to reach our goals. We need to remember that what’s most important is to stay focused on what we are the best at. For the rest, we can either hire someone (if we have the need and possibilty to do so) or hire an external firm who will be able to take care of such tasks. Successful entrepreneurship is not a 100m race. It is a marathon in which investing in good partners and associates will be well worth it in the long run.
We have been collaborating with Sanela Dropulić for longer than the company even exists. Her team offers good quality and professional services, without which we would have never worked together. However, our collaboration gives me an added value which brings them above average service providers in any field: I have never felt like «just another client». Sanela has a very personal approach to her clients and makes great efforts to give them just what they need when they need it– even when we don’t know it is something we need or want. The fact that someone else is thinking about those things for us even when it is outside of the «agreed upon box» is what makes me trust her and her team completely. Personally, I think it’s priceless in any collaboration.

Sanja Balenović, owner and director of MINT IT Zagreb